Encourage traditional hunting and fishing methods

As per media reports, large-scale fishing using explosives and generators in the Noa-Dihing river in Miao in Changlang district are being reported. This even as the Miao administration had served several notices in the past, banning the use of explosives and generators for fishing. This kind of case is being reported from across states. Unfortunately, not all make it to the media headlines. The administration keeps on issuing orders banning use of explosives and generators for fishing. But people rampantly violate the order.

They continue to use illegal means for fishing, which is a big threat to the ecological system. The administration needs to understand that simply issuing orders won’t serve the purpose. It has to make sure that the order is implemented on the ground. For it to be successful, the administration should involve the local people. In many areas across the state, conservation has yielded results only when the locals are made partners in it. Also, the administration should encourage traditional methods of hunting and fishing. Complete ban will make people use illegal means, which can cause immense harm to the ecological system. The conservation and traditional way of hunting/fishing can go together if everyone comes together to work out a solution.