Panchayat leaders seek reinclusion of AOP under CAMPA scheme

ITANAGAR, 16 Feb: The panchayat leaders of Tayo gram panchayat and Kassing Putu gram segment have in a joint representation to the Lower Subansiri district divisional forest officer recently sought “reinclusion of AOP under CAMPA scheme 2023-24 for Kassin Putu (Ago) Village Forest Rules (VFR).”

The panchayat leaders informed that “a special joint gram sabha was conducted on 29 December, 2022 at Tayo village on the aforementioned issue, in the presence of HGBs, GBs, senior citizens, NGOs and general public of Tayo gram panchayat and Kassin Putu gram segment, wherein it was unanimously decided to implement the said scheme in the same location for both public interest and preservation of the environment.”

The panchayat leaders urged the divisional forest officer to “look into the public opinion and include the proposal in the current financial year.”

“In case of any public disturbance in future, the 2 gram segments, ie, Tayo and Kassin Putu, will take the whole responsibility for the public’s interest,” they added.