World Anthropology Day celebrated

ITANAGAR, 16 Feb: Students and faculty members of Dera Natung Government College (DNGC) here celebrated the World Anthropology Day on 16 February.

During the programme, DNGC Anthropology HoD Dr Ratna Tayeng informed that the day is celebrated to “educate everyone about what anthropology is and what anthropologists do.”

Citing the example of Ruth Benedict’s quote, ‘The purpose of anthropology is to make the world safe for human differences’, he said that “anthropology is a discipline that teaches us to be curious, tolerating, accepting, and sceptical of everything we learn.”

RGU’s archaeological anthropologist Dr Dhritiman Sarma spoke about Mexican anthropologist Manuel Gamio and his contribution to the world of anthropology.

“Gamio was the PhD student of anthropologist Franz Boas, who is considered the father of anthropology. Boas considered Gamio one of his best students. He is often considered the father of modern anthropological studies in Mexico,” Dr Sarma added.

He dwelt also on the career opportunities in anthropology, and said that, “other than teaching anthropology, various departments in social science require anthropology PhDs.”

“Besides,” he noted, “anthropology students are also open to interdisciplinary departments like the department of humanities and social sciences in NIT, IIT, IIM, and NERIST, as well as in departments of community medicine in medical colleges, forensic departments, centres for indigenous people’s study, and folklore departments.”

He added that “anthropology is a very good choice in civil service examinations.”

DNGC Anthropology Assistant Professor Dr Mibi Riba also spoke.

Altogether 120 students participated in the celebration.