Taki interacts with farm-based entrepreneurs in Jorhat

ITANAGAR, 21 Mar: Arunachal Pradesh Agriculture Minister Tage Taki, along with senior officers from the state’s agriculture department, visited Jorhat and its adjoining areas in Assam and interacted with the farm-based entrepreneurs there recently.

The minister visited the Bahubali egg farm in the Jalukoni Bari industrial area in Jorhat, and interacted with the owner of the poultry enterprise and Assam Gaurav awardee, Akash Jyoti Gogoi.

Taki lauded the hard work put in by the entrepreneur “for making layer farming a profitable business.” The farm produces one lakh eggs per day, which are sold across Assam.

Later, the minister visited the local rice beer-making enterprise owned by Akash Jyoti Gogoi, and invited the entrepreneur to Arunachal to “carry out a feasibility study for millet-based beer-making.”

Earlier, on 20 March, the minister attended the opening ceremony of a weeklong scientific deliberation programme organised by the CSIR-North East Institute of Science & Technology (NEIST), formerly known as RRL.

During the meeting, Taki urged the scientific community to develop technology and innovations “that are useful and practical-oriented for use in the field.”

He emphasised the need to make all scientific innovations sustainable and climate-friendly, and urged the scientists of the NEIST to “collaborate with the Arunachal government to make necessary inroads in identifying trouble areas and find technological interventions to mitigate the same.”

Arunachal’s AHV&DD DIO Dr B Biswakarma and Agriculture Director A Lego also spoke.