Week-long Seluk Nari peak expedition concludes

KOLORIANG, 19 Nov: An expedition team led by the Kurung Kumey District Adventure Tourism Hotspot Exploration Committee (KKDATHEC) chairman Damin TakapĀ  has successfully concluded a week-long trekking expedition to Seluk Nari peak, situated under Damin Circle of Kurung Kumey district on Saturday.

Other members of the team included Everester Takit Sorang, Dari John (technical expert), Waru Chapit (local guide-cum- Paniasang GB),

Sale Talong (asstt. local guide) andĀ  Chate Kanik, Dongda Tatak, Hinium Tapi, Ruba Tamar and Kaduk Tana.

The major tourism hotspot sites explored during the expedition to mount Seluk Nari were — Cholobu Karpo, a round hillock of stone providing panoramic views of mount Kyarisatam of East Kameng and sites of Pipsorang circle in Kra Daadi district, the Nyorik lake and the 5 lakes of Kargungbu, the Nyorik and the Kargungbu view points – vantage locations, positioned strategically to capture the beauty of the aforementioned lakes.

Apart from Seluk Nari, the Kurung Kumey district boasts of a plethora of tourism potentials, including high-altitude lakes like Pokchum Pokte and Wusubu Lake, scenic beauty in Darmu area, associated with socio-religious beliefs, the Quamse area known as the Takin grazing ground, rare fauna like Red Pandas and Musk Deer, and various mountain passes such as Jamu Pass, Darmu Pass, LutingLa Pass and Mukpla Pass.

The Seluk Nari peak expedition proved to be a fascinating journey, unveiling the natural beauty and cultural significance of the region. The team’s findings not only contribute to the understanding of the geographical landscape but also underscore the importance of preserving and promoting these unique sites for future exploration and sustainable tourism development.

Earlier, the trekking expedition was flagged off from district hqtrs Koloriang on 10 November by Kurung Kumey deputy commissioner Ibom Tao. (DIPRO)