MSRH demands ban on fishing during hatching period

[ Pisi Zauing ]

MIAO, 28 Apr: The Miao Singpho Ramma Hpung (MSRH), a youth organisation here in Changlang district, has appealed to the local administration to ban all types of fishing in the rivers and streams in the subdivision during the hatching period.

Stating that the administrations of Namsai, Anjaw and Lohit districts have already banned all forms of fishing for four months, MSRH president Gamseng Singpho demanded that the local administration initiate stern action against those found guilty of fishing during the hatching period from April to July.

The organisation said that several residents of Miao town, mostly those belonging to the educated class, were seen fishing at the Noa-Dehing river with cast nets on Sunday.

It said that fishes lay eggs during the four months,and that “conscious people don’t fish during that period.”

The youth organisation also appealed to the people living on the banks of the Noa-Dehing river, the fisheries and the forest departments, and the Namdapha National Park authorities to check illegal fishing activities, particularly by the residents of Miao town.