Red panda sighted in EWS

[Prem Chetry]

SINGCHUNG, 13 May: A camera trap installed in the Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary (EWS) in Singchung subdivision in West Kameng district captured a red panda recently.

The camera trap was installed by the Wildlife Institute of India, in collaboration with the EWS, in March this year.

Range Forest Officer (RFO) Yachang Kani said, “This is a significant sighting of a highly endangered species. The sighting of the red panda indicates that the EWS is an ideal habitat for it.”

“While this is not the first time that a red panda has been sighted, the species is rare and highly endangered, and we must protect their habitats,” he said.

Scientifically known as Ailurus fulgens, this elusive and endangered mammal captured on camera provides conclusive evidence that the EWS is an ideal habitat for these magnificent creatures.

The red panda, also known as ‘firefox’ for its striking red and white fur, is a highly endangered species native to the eastern Himalayas, with a global population of less than 10,000 individuals. As a result, conservation efforts are crucial to protect these animals and their habitats.

The EWS is a prime example of a protected area that provides a safe haven for the red panda and other endangered species. The sanctuary’s lush forest, rich in biodiversity, offers an ideal environment for the red panda to thrive.

“This discovery reinforces our commitment to conservation and inspires us to continue working tirelessly to protect these incredible animals and their homes,” the RFO said.