Consumer awareness prog

SEPPA, 18 May: Based on complaints received from the public regarding pricing of commodities beyond the maximum retail price and sale of expired items by traders here, a team of the East Kameng district administration, comprising the trade development officer (TDO) and the legal metrology (LM) inspector, along with members of the East Kameng Chamber of Commerce & Industry (EKCCI) and the Seppa Town Colony Development Committee (STCDC) carried out awareness programmes at the Deewana Hotel, the Pepsi Agency, Type-III Colony, Dali Complex, and Type-I Colony on Saturday.

Addressing the consumers and traders, the LM inspector highlighted the provisions for protection of consumers against any illegal practice by traders. He also highlighted the legal, punitive, compensatory and remedial measures.

The TDO spoke on the punitive measures which could be taken if violations are repeated by the traders, and the EKCCI chairman asked the traders to cooperate with the district administration.

Members of the STCDC asked the colonies’ traders to “comply with the prevalent rules which are issued on a regular basis by the district administration and the legal metrology department.”

The town magistrate told the traders to “take corrective measures and practise right ways of trading.” (DIPRO)