Workshop on priesthood culture

[ Prem Chetry ]

BOMDILA, 19 May: In an effort to reinforce the priesthood culture, a workshop-cum-conference on preservation of the indigenous priesthood culture of West Kameng district was organised by the indigenous affairs department, in collaboration with the West Kameng district administration, here on Sunday.

Speaking on the occasion, former MLA Rinchin Kharu emphasised the need to preserve and promote the age-old tradition, saying, “It is our priests who can ensure the continuity of our indigenous culture and tradition and make them an indispensable part of our life.”

“It is the responsibility of the priests to observe the rites and rituals rationally, which should not be compromised for material needs. We have inherited the priesthood system from our ancestors, and it must be passed on to the future generations,” he added.

Bomdila ADC (HQ) Rinchin Leta in his address said, “The (indigenous affairs) department needs to have documentations of every oral transmission, rites and rituals. Without documentation, dissemination and preservation is not possible.”

Earlier, District Art & Culture Officer Ajay Sidasow said, “This workshop and conference of indigenous priests of the district is to reinforce the priest and priesthood culture.”

He urged the priests to “ensure the continuity and preservation of priesthood by creating awareness and passing this culture to the next generation.”

Lauding the priests’ contributions to the society, resource persons and representatives of all six tribes’ community-based organisations also shared their opinions on the significance of priesthood in the society, and acknowledged priests as “torchbearers of socio-religious domain.”

Ninety priests of all six tribes – Aka (Hrusso), Sajolang, Bugun, Sartang, Sherdukpen and Monpa – of the West Kameng district unit of the All Arunachal Pradesh Abotani Abo Taru Nibu Nijik Boos (Priest) Welfare Association attended the workshop-cum-conference, and performed offerings and rituals.