Dree festival: Sports events organised

PAPU NALLAH, 20 May: The second day of the table tennis, chess, and traditional games and sports competitions, organised by the Golden Jubilee Capital Complex Dree Festival Committee-2024 (GJCCDFC), commenced with renewed energy after a brief rain delay.

The events at the Dree ground commemorated the 50th anniversary of the Capital Tanw Dree Festival.

The closing ceremony was a grand affair, attended by Horticulture Director Tage Tatung and his wife Takhe Monya, alongside Finance Deputy Secretary Takhe Kani and his wife Takhe Omang. These guests handed out the prizes to the winners of the various competitions, highlighting the spirit of sportsmanship and community.

The festival featured an array of events, from modern games like table tennis and chess to traditional sports such as archery, stilt racing, high jump, long jump, wrestling, arm wrestling, javelin throw, and tug ofwar. The competitions were fierce, and the participants demonstrated exceptional skill and dedication.

GJCCDFC-2024 general secretary Hano Takka reported a record number of participants, with 84 in chess and 46 in table tennis. He also reflected on the journey so far, which began with a walkathon from Ziro to Itanagar in february, followed by a badminton tournament from 10-12 May. Looking ahead, he announced upcoming events, including volleyball from 25-26 May and football from 1-16 June, along with various cultural activities.

GJCCDFC-2024 vice chairman Mudang Tacho expressed gratitude to all the participants, and urged every Apatani in the Itanagar Capital Region to join in the festivities and celebrate Dree festival with enthusiasm.

The winners of competitions:


# Winner: Duyu Talley

# Runner-up: Landi Milo


# Winner: Landi Milo

# Runner-up: Hibu Gambo

Arm wrestling

# Winner: Koj Rissang

# Runner-up: Khoda Talyang

Bamboo wrestling (Bije darka swnwñ)

# Winner: Landi Milo

# Runner-up: Tanyang Padi

Javelin throw

# Winner: Ngilyang Noni

# Runner-up: Tanyang Padi

Stilt race (Alli inka swnwñ)

# Winner: Millo Yarang

#  Runner-up: Rubu Tagia


# Winner: Nada Tamang

# Runner-up: Gyati Taker

High jump

# Open men’s winner: Bamin Lailyang

# Open men’s runner-up: Landi Milo

# Open women’s winner: Gyati Biinya

# Open women’s runner-up: Rubu Yassung

Long jump

# Open men’s winner: Bamin Tadu

# Open men’s runner-up: Bamin Lailyang

# Open women’s winner: Punyo Yabyang

# Open women’s runner-up: Rubu Yassung

Tug of war

# Open men’s winner: Tanw United FC

# Open men’s runner-up: Haaki Ajin

# Open women’s winner: Patw Club

# Open women’s runner-up: Khonkung Club


Table tennis

# Open women’s winner: Tage Bunyi

# Open women’s runner-up: Gyati Biinya

# Super veteran singles winner: Hage Kago

# Super veteran singles runner-up: Narang Tani

# Super veteran doubles winners: Narang Tani & Koj Tarang

# Super veteran doubles runner-up: Dani Gamboo & Millo Tago

# Veteran doubles winners: Hage Kago & Bamin Gambo

# Veteran doubles runner-up: Habung Tarang & Gyati Gambo

# Veteran singles winner: Taku Opo

# Veteran singles runner-up: Hage Oppo

# Open men’s doubles winners: K Tapa & H Tapu

# Open men’s doubles runners-up: H Tarang & G Gambo

# Open men’s singles winner: Khoda Tapa

# Open men’s singles runner-up: Hage Oppo