RCML announces folktale writing competition

ROING, 30 May: The RIWATCH Centre for Mother Languages (RCML), under the auspices of the Research Institute of World’s Ancient Traditions Cultures and Heritage (RIWATCH), has announced to organise a folktale writing competition to promote and revitalise the native languages and cultures of Arunachal.

 “Arunachal Pradesh boasts a rich heritage of oral narratives, cherished and passed down through generations from time immemorial. Folktales serve as vital conduits for the transmission of traditional knowledge, moral values, and the oral history of migrations and settlements. These stories, deeply entrenched in tribal worldviews, encompass themes of nature, supernatural beings, and animals, offering insights into the mysteries of the world,” the RCML stated in a release.

“Recognising the significance of preserving these oral traditions in written form, the Folktale Writing Competition-2024 aims to encourage native speakers to write their folktales or myths in their mother/native languages, followed by translation in English,” it said, adding that “participants from all ethnic communities of Arunachal Pradesh are invited to participate, with no age or word-limit restrictions.”

It urged interested participants to follow the link https://drive.google.com/file/d/1HCRZsivwYN-Y_ZDmIYzhxD7PtpC1zn1e/view?usp=sharing for further information.

“Detailed information about the competition is also available on the centre’s Facebook page titled ‘RCML’,” it said.