Sunday, February 23, 2020

Towards crime mukt politics

Supremacy of SC By Dr S. Saraswathi (Former Director, ICSSR, New Delhi) The Supreme Court has given a shock treatment to all political parties by passing certain...

Expanding tax net imperative

Revenue Generation By Dhurjati Mukherjee Lack of adequate resources is a major impediment for a country like India which has to meet huge challenges of...

‘Supari’ for good men

SC Plays Crime Pooper By Poonam I Kaushish Crime does not pay … as well as politics. Wherein thousands of our criminal-politicos slug it out for...

India awaits new economy

Curbs On Asset Sales By Shivaji Sarkar The Delhi Assembly election award goes to soft inclusive skills against campaigning on hard on issues of identity. It...

Needs to change leaf

Congress in Doldrums By Proloy Bagchi That politicians are mostly despicable, perhaps need not be emphasized. They are aggressive and vicious where their interests are concerned....

The Sri Lankan Prime Minister Comes Calling – Reassuring India

By Dr. D.K. Giri Prof. International Politics, JMI Mahinda Rajapaksa, The Prime Minister of Sri Lanka who is perhaps the de facto President of Sri Lanka,...

Civil disobedience in fore?

Youth's Anti-CAA Upsurge By Dhurjati Mukherjee Serious debates are ongoing over the rights of the young generation, specially students to engage in protests against the CAA...

Politics of punishment

Done To Death By Poonam I Kaushish Phew, as Delhi resounds to the drumbeats of electoral victory and the silence of defeat, one question continues to...

Fund crunch in Pvt sector

Economic Survey By Shivaji Sarkar India, now the fifth largest economy and aiming to become the third, is growing at 5 per cent in 2019-20, says...

Non-starter or game changer?

Delhi's Jhaadu Vs Kamal Delhi, the country’s capital is all set to cast its vote today for the next incumbent to the hot seat of...


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