Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Arunachalee Hindi

Flights Of Fantasy Arunachal Pradesh is perhaps the only state in Northeast India without a distinct and unique language followed throughout the state. Assam has...

Pristine and salubrious winters

Flights Of Fantasy Winters in Northeast, especially in Arunachal Pradesh, are a delight to experience. The weather is cool and salubrious, the air is crystal...

February is here

Flights Of Fantasy The previous month was marked by good and not so good news. The good news included the sanction to open seven new...

Generation shift

Flights Of Fantasy It is said that there is a 'generational shift' every 20-25 years. This 'generational shift' is manifested by changes in technology, dress,...

Infrastructure collapse during monsoon months

Flights Of Fantasy Monsoon rains have exposed the poor quality and poor planning of various infrastructures like roads, bridges, electricity, etc. From the western areas...

Festive winter

Flights Of Fantasy The onset of winter season ushers in a period of merrymaking, celebrations and general happiness. Winter is generally marked by festivals, picnics,...

Are good people bad?

Flights Of Fantasy All that is necessary for evil to prevail is for good people to do nothing. – Carlton Smith There are ‘good people’ and...

Support local products

Flights Of Fantasy Almost all products used in Northeast India and Arunachal Pradesh are imported from other states. This is because there are very few...

Heroes of 1962 war in Arunachal: Battle of Nuranang

Flights Of Fantasy Many Arunachalee old-timers recall the 1962 Indo-Chinese conflict with fear and anger. The Chinese forces entered deep into Arunachal Pradesh along many...

F-16 & Mig-21 dogfight over Pakistan

Flights Of Fantasy India and Pakistan has fought three wars in 1948, 1965 and 1971. Both countries have been involved in escalatory armed conflicts during...


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