Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Covid-19: Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Korea & Japan model

Flights Of Fantasy The Covid-19 pandemic caused by the coronavirus is rapidly spreading across the world. A few cities and countries are under total shutdown,...

Namaste Corona

Flights Of Fantasy The coronavirus pandemic around the world has brought into focus the human fragility to contagious viruses and bacteria despite advances in medical...

Our world in 2050 AD

Flights Of Fantasy How would the world be 30 years hence, in 2050 AD? The world is transforming rapidly, driven by technological advances which are...

Support local products

Flights Of Fantasy A group recently organised a two-day exhibition of indigenously made textile and agri-horti based products at the Dorjee Khandu State Convention Centre...

Forest men of India and Arunachal

Flights Of Fantasy The Forest Man of India, Jadav Payeng, and the Forest Man of Arunachal, Indi Glow, attended the Siang flood protection awareness camp...

Technological advances

Flights Of Fantasy Modern age has witnessed rapid advances in technology which has a major impact on our daily lives. New technologies, new appliances and...

Virus attack

Flights Of Fantasy The recent threat of the coronavirus around the world has brought into focus the human fragility to contagious viruses and bacteria despite...

Road revolution in Arunachal

Flights Of Fantasy The last few years have seen major improvements in road and rail connectivity in Arunachal and adjoining areas. Many of these vital...

Plastic menace

Flights Of Fantasy Last few decades has been marked by increased use of plastic products world over. Technological advances have led to quantum jump in...

Heroes of Arunachal: Lance Naik Patey Tassuk, Sena Medal and Bar (Posthumous)

Flights Of Fantasy Most Arunacha-lees know about Ashok Chakra late Hangpan Dada. There are also many patriots and heroes from Arunachal who have displayed extraordinary...


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