Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Responsible voting

Flights Of Fantasy India is a democracy. Democracy is government of the people, by the people and for the people, ie, a government in which...

Separate time zone for North East…!

Flights Of Fantasy The Government of India recently rejected the demands of North East India to have different time zone compared to the remaining parts...

Generation shift

Flights Of Fantasy It is said that there is a 'generational shift' every 20-25 years. This 'generational shift' is manifested by changes in technology, dress,...

Election postmortem

Flights Of Fantasy The simultaneous elections for the state assembly and the Lok Sabha were held in Arunachal Pradesh on 11 April. Elections were conducted...


Flights Of Fantasy The annual budget for Arunachal Pradesh was presented on 8 July. The projected total revenue and capital receipts for 2019-20 is Rs...

Costlier living in Arunachal

Flights Of Fantasy Arunachalees will agree that almost everything is more expensive in our state, compared to the neighbouring states. The cost of most items...

Election-omics: Public money back to public

Flights Of Fantasy Post elections, the markets of the towns and villages of Arunachal Pradesh are buzzing with activity. It is almost as if a...

Nature’s fury: Floods, quakes, JE and power failure

Flights Of Fantasy It seems that Nature is angry with us. The last two months have been dominated by bad news. First it was floods...

Pristine and salubrious winters

Flights Of Fantasy Winters in Northeast, especially in Arunachal Pradesh, are a delight to experience. The weather is cool and salubrious, the air is crystal...

Laugh a bit

Flights Of Fantasy Are we too serious in life? Study seriously, work seriously, party seriously... serious, serious, serious! It seems that everyone is so busy...


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