Monday, August 26, 2019

Clean elections

Flights Of Fantasy The ongoing simultaneous elections in 'peace loving' Arunachal Pradesh have been fiercely contested amid reports of violent incidents, arson, assault on government...

Infrastructure collapse during monsoon months

Flights Of Fantasy Monsoon rains have exposed the poor quality and poor planning of various infrastructures like roads, bridges, electricity, etc. From the western areas...

February is here

Flights Of Fantasy The previous month was marked by good and not so good news. The good news included the sanction to open seven new...

Too much politics

Flights Of Fantasy With the conduct of the general elections in India and the simultaneous elections in Arunachal Pradesh, the political scenario is in high...

Real independence

Flights Of Fantasy India is planning to celebrate its 73rd Independence Day this 15 August. Independence Day marks the Indian republic emerging as an independent...

Smile and laugh, please

Flights Of Fantasy As a society, are we too serious in life? It appears that Northeasterners smile less, laugh less, and appear more serious at...

Responsibilities of the winners

Flights Of Fantasy The simultaneous elections were successfully conducted in Arunachal Pradesh on 11 April for the 60 assembly and two Lok Sabha (LS) constituencies....

Tax and office tax

Flights Of Fantasy The common citizens pay taxes to the government for buying every commodity and good from the market. The citizens pay tax for...

Pakistan and Abhinandan

Flights Of Fantasy The recent few days have seen some tense moments involving two neighbours, India and Pakistan. India and Pakistan have fought three wars,...

Time for action

Flights Of Fantasy After the longest ever election period, finally the results have been declared. The ruling BJP has overcome anti-incumbency and won absolute majority...


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