Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Two faces of controversy

Monday Musing When reports of the transfer of former chief secretary (CS) Satya Gopal to Delhi started coming in, the people of the state on...

Taking rivers away from people

Monday Musing The NHPC Ltd has finally won a decade-long legal battle over the construction of its ambitious 2000 mw Subansiri lower hydroelectric project (SLHP)...

Tangled up in traffic troubles

Monday Musing As Monday approaches, the capital's dwellers brace themselves up for the agonizing time they have to face while getting on the road for...

Memoir of a little-known journalist

Monday Musing The other day, when one of my journalist colleagues reminded me about my retirement age, which is approaching nearer, it came as a...

No men at work

Monday Musing Manoeuvring a hatchback skillfully through drains, streams, and a brutally broken down yet familiar trail feels like an achievement worth sharing. Every day is...

Bohemian rhapsody: The case for irony

Monday Musing There are two kinds of people who use irony to devastating effect: those who have a sense of humour, and those who don't. Witty...

The age of imagination

In today's world of extreme positivity, there is no place for the slightest bit of negative thoughts; which, in simpler words, means that honesty...

A letter to the Raj Bhavan

A mother from Kra Daadi wrote a letter to Governor BD Mishra, stating that a man, who she owed money, has sold her daughter...

Is the SIT serving its purpose?

(Monday Musing) They say that to provide impartial and efficient police service, safeguarding the interests of the people and making the police force a professionally...

The challenges ahead

It's been a month since the results of the simultaneous assembly and Lok Sabha elections were declared. The election this year had the makings...


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