Saturday, August 24, 2019

Are the political parties bereft of ideology?

With the date of the simultaneous assembly and parliamentary elections approaching nearer, electioneering by the political parties is picking up rhythm across Arunachal Pradesh. A...

Watching ‘Neverland’

As a kid growing up in the ‘80s, I was, like millions across the globe, a star-struck Michael Jackson fan. As if mirroring Wade...

The Batti Project: Lighting Arunachal one batti at a time

While the country is gearing up for the elections, the team of ‘Further and Beyond’ are working towards raising funds for ‘The Batti Project’...

Politics of parties

With elections scheduled for 11 April, it is unlikely that the politics of political parties will leave you alone; even if you do not...

Looking back in sorrow

The violence which was witnessed in the capital last week has left a deep sense of anger in the heart of every right-thinking Arunachalee....

Money-driven elections

Monday Musing It should not be a matter of discussion that money plays a key role in elections. As we all know by now, money...

Avoiding delay of justice in child abuse cases

Despite the existence of strong laws, crimes against children in the state are rampant, while on the other hand the conviction rate in such...

Duty, responsibility and fire mishaps

How many fire mishaps occurred in the state during the month of January this year? I know it is a bit of an awkward...

Arrows of valentine

This is going to be something of a dampener for those looking forward to Valentine's Day, which is just around the corner. Just so...

Casting for a separate cadre

Monday Musing They say that to develop any state, an effective and dedicated bureaucracy is the key, along with strong political will. Apparently, these key...


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