AAPSU questions Holongi airport delay

ITAN AGAR, Dec 01: Expressing gave concern over inordinate delay in construction of the proposed Greenfield Airport at Holongi, the All Arunachal Pradesh Students’ Union (AAPSU) demanded the State Government and other stakeholders to sort out the problems and issues that are causing delay of the project.
AAPSU said that the construction of the Greenfield Airport in an area of over 320 hectares remained a non-starter due to land compensation controversy created by the land owners.
The AAPSU appealed to the land owners to donate the land for the greater interest of the State.
The Greenfield airport has been a cherished dream of every Arunachalee, which would boost the economy and connectivity of the state with rest of the world, AAPSU said.
The AAPSU also appealed to the State Government to find alternatives for early implementation of the project.