World TB Day Observed at Komkar village

YINGKIONG, Mar 26: The Upper Siang District Health Society (RNTCP) observed World TB Day at Komkar (Rasing) village on 24 March.
A community meeting was organized at the community hall in Rasing, where District TB Officer Dr A Miyu highlighted the signs and symptoms of TB, modes of transmission of the disease, and its treatment and preventive measures.
Four cured TB patients from three villages spoke about their ordeals from TB before diagnosis and the subsequent physical and mental relief they experienced after having been treated at the Yingkiong DTC under the DOTS programme.
DMO Dr Dubom Bagra advised the gathering to avail the RNTCP services available in the district. He also informed the gathering of various health interventions, like personal hygiene, mass de-worming of children, use of sanitary toilets, importance of routine immunization of children, etc.
The meeting was attended by villagers from Buksang, Rasing and Sizer, PRI members, all the GBs and HGB, teachers and students. (DIPRO)