Creation of new posts runs into troubled waters

Staff Reporter
ITANAGAR, Apr 10: The state government’s decision to create 10 new Group-A posts of director (administration, finance and policy) has run into troubled waters.
The decision is expected to lead to bitter internal wrangling between encadred department officers and APCS (admin grade) officers.
In its recent order, dated 4 April, 2018, the state government ordered the creation of 10 new posts of director. The departments where these directors will be posted have not been decided on yet.
But the move has left encadred department officers distraught.
“Many of us also cleared the competitive exams and joined the service. After working for years in the departments, we look forward to one day becoming heads of departments. But this move to let APCS (admin grade) officers directly occupy the posts of directors without ever having served the departments will demoralize those who have given years of service. The government is disrespecting its own officials by discriminating between directorate staff and APCS (admin grade),” said an encadred official.
There is also fear that the decision might create an unhealthy work atmosphere.
“We see this as infringement on our basic rights, and it will not be easy to accept the decision. This will definitely create rifts in the departments, and potentially paralyze the departments. Unfortunately ordinary citizens will be the sufferers,” the official added.
The decision is expected to be met with fierce resistance from encadred officials.
“We will take all possible steps to protect our rights. We want to make it clear that we have nothing against APCS (admin grade) officials. This is a fight for our dignity and honour,” added the encadred official.
With elections just a year away, the government’s move is being seen through the prism of politics.
“There is talk that powerful politicians want to place their people in the departments as directors for political and financial benefits. If this is indeed true, the state government is committing a travesty of justice against officials who have worked for years to nurture many of these departments,” said another encadred official.