Real issues that concern education dept

Dear Editor,
Apropos of the “open letter to the secretary education” published on the 14th May,2018 and the news reports published in Arunachal Times on 18th May,2018 regarding various demands put forward by the ANSU and ATA , I would like to put certain things in perspective here.
While the ‘Open Letter’ addressed to the Secretary Education highlighted the plight of the thousands of teachers of the state who have been overtaken by their service juniors in matters of promotion and posting to key administrative posts like BEOs, DAEOs, HM/VPs and DDSEs , the ultimatum served by the ANSU to the government in the matters of retaining a certain individuals as DDSE of Kamle District smacks of nepotism and thereby encourages the trend to deprive thousands of deserving senior service men and women from holding key posts in the education department.
I should like to point out that there are many senior officers who are deserving to sit in the chair of DDSE Kamle district based on their merit and ability.
In the present instance, while the other demands of the ANSU is legitimate, the dissent to post a sincere, regular and senior officer handpicked by the department to fill the administrative vacuum that is at presently manned by a Junior Teacher who is again holding the additional charges of officiating HM/VP is not in the interest of the students of Kamle district and not definitely in the interest of teaching fraternity of Arunachal Pradesh.
My humble request to ANSU is to desist from making such ill-advised moves which will impair the credibility of one of the most distinguished student’s body in the state of Arunachal Pradesh.
Lastly, I appreciate ATA for genuinely raising the real issues of the teaching and student’s community of the state such as complete bifurcation of the Elementary and Secondary at District level, roll back of officiating appointees of HM/VP and other posts, enhancement of service tenure for serving teachers, among others.
ATA should stick to their demand and ensure to put in a healthy and transparent administrative hierarchy in the Department of Education for the benefit of the people of Arunachal Pradesh cutting across cast and community lines.
We will support if such bold steps are to taken up by the Department of Education and ATA, along with the rest of the people of Arunachal Pradesh.
An Aggrieved Teacher