‘Garbage cleared from Karsingsa site’

ITANAGAR, Sep 22: The garbage which had piled up in the last few days at the dumping ground in Karsingsa has been cleared, Itanagar Municipal Council (IMC) AE Nabam Sony informed.
Such clearing activities are done on a daily basis, Sony said, “but the garbage had piled up at the dumping ground due to unfriendly weather conditions in the last few days.”
Sony said that regular cleaning up would be carried out henceforth.
Meanwhile, the IMC has requested those who dump their garbage at Karsingsa to “dump in the designated dumping zone and not near the highway, as many a time it is seen that people dump their garbage right on the highway.”
“If any vehicle is found doing so, the same will be liable to challan of an amount of Rs 5000,” Sony said. (DIPRO)