Chimchoo art gallery hosts second art exhibition

Staff Reporter
ITANAGAR, Jun 1: The Chimchoo Art Gallery hosted its second art exhibition, titled ‘The Awakening’, here on Monday, with the addition of works by up-and-coming artists.
Exhibiting his detailed art (of an elderly Apatani woman) for the first time, Kigam Ori spoke on how he began his artistic journey here in the state about a year back.
A graduate in engineering and a self-taught artist, Ori said the tips and tools available on the internet have helped him hone his skills as an artist.
He expressed hope that the weeklong initiative by the gallery would provide a platform for artists to exhibit their arts, and encourage art enthusiasts to reach out to the artists.
Artist Jene Hai urged the state government to create separate posts for art teachers in schools and colleges to provide artists with livelihood, in addition to helping students improve their basic artistic skills.
The artwork of several other artists were up for display, including those of Mamang Dai, Yumlam Tana, Dakli Gara, Joon Dulom, Gyamar Nanam, Kompi Riba, Bano Tatak, Matu Mara, Yongrang Poddum, Jackie Bodo, Aju Poddum, Hibu Tamo, Ajay Bhattacharya and Punyo Chobin.
Their art modes varied from paintings in oil, pencil and water colour to sculptures made of aluminium, metal and wood.
Art & Culture Director Opak Gao also visited the gallery and commended the artists for their creativity and vibrant use of colours.