3rd Paralympics State Level Championship organized

Staff Reporter
CHIMPU, Sep 13: The 3rd Paralympics State Level Championship, organized by the Arunachal Pradesh Paralympics Association (APPA), ended at the AAPBn ground here on Friday.
Sports & Youth Affairs Minister Mama Natung, Samagra Shiksha (ISSE) State Deputy Director Nangram Pingkap, Donyi Polo School for Hearing and Visually Impaired Principal HR Sarma, and Children With Special Need (CWSN) state project officer Techi Pradesh attended the valedictory function.
A memorandum was submitted to the minister by the APPA, highlighting the needs of the association for promotion of sports and talent identification among persons with disabilities (PwD).
The association urged the minister for cabinet approval of Rs 50 lakhs, providing five qualified coaches, and sanctioning a mini-stadium, preferably in the capital complex, for the physically challenged persons of the state.
Eighty-six medals/prizes were distributed among the winners, runners-up and third position finishers of various sports competitions.
The results of various competitions are given below.
Long Jump (Sr Boys):
1st Dali Ingo, 2nd James Tame, 3rd Yumlam Janu.
Long Jump (Jr Boys): 1st Gokia Bilap (3.88 mtr), 2nd Tatung Kadak (3.65 mtr), 3rd Biku Tater (3.50 mtr).
Long Jump (Sr Girls): 1st Yubom Bui (2.89 mtr), 2nd Khyoda Yana (2.75 mtr), 3rd Kipa Mero (2.65 mtr).
Javelin Throw (Sr Boys): 1st Dali Ingo (31 mtr), 2nd Oyon Mego (29.50 mtr), 3rd Sosar Talin (29.40 mtr).
Javelin Throw (Jr Boys): 1st Biku Tater (23.90 mtr), 2nd Bamang Tarang (19.40 mtr), 3rd Ake Linggi (19.10 mtr).
Javelin Throw (Jr Girls): 1st Aku Jamoh (12.55 mtr), 2nd Apulu Palom (10.70 mtr), 3rd Tai Yabung (9.42 mtr).
Badminton (Boys): 1st Biri Takar, 2nd Dangu Talik, 3rd Ranu Dubi.
Badminton (Girls): 1st Tai yabung, 2nd Bangsam Pao, 3rd Nosa Yobin.
Chess: 1st Takoli Garam, 2nd Dipankar Pathak, 3rd Dangu Talik.
100 Mtr Race (Jr Boys): 1st Takiam Paron, 2nd Khujaso Manyu, 3rd Aku Linggi.
100 Mtr Race (Sr Boys): 1st Dali Ingo, 2nd Rajiv Kumar Chettry, 3rd Oyon Megu.
100 Mtr Race (Jr Girls): 1st Binelu Chatiom, 2nd Khyoda Yana, 3rd Mudang Dimsung.
100 Mtr Race (Sr Girls): 1st Mudang Dimsung, 2nd Khyoda Yana, 3rd Giogi Pabia.
400 Mtr Race (Boys): 1st Dali Ingo, 2nd Jiten Debom, 3rd Takoli Garam.
400 Mtr Race (Girls): 1st Binelu Chatiom, 2nd Pinky Bhuyan, 3rd Apulu Palom.
800 Mtr Race (Boys): 1st Nima Nabam (2:49:05 mins), 2nd Dali Ingo (2:53:38 mins), 3rd Rajiv Kumar Chettry (2:53:99 mins).
800 Mtr Race (Girls): 1st Apulu Palom (2:44:94 mins), 2nd Nosa Yobin (2:45:48 mins), 3rd Pinky Basumatary (2:56:40 mins).
Shot Put (Boys): 1st Nabam Nima (9.45 mtr), 2nd Takoli Garam (8.98 mtr), 3rd Dali Ingo (8.40 mtr).
Shot Put (Girls): 1st Khyoda Yana (5.80 mtr), 2nd Yap Baja (5.55 mtr), 3rd Nosa Yobin (5.10 mtr).
Arm Wrestling (Sr Boys): 1st Techi Sonu, 2nd Doken Taipodia, 3rd Tarh Radhe.
Arm Wrestling (Jr Boys): 1st Takoli Garam, 2nd Yumlam Janu, 3rd Akash Tana.
Arm Wrestling (Sr Girls): 1st Kipa Mero, 2nd Doter Taipodia, 3rd Aku Jamoh.
Arm Wrestling (Jr Girls): 1st Nosa Yobin, 2nd Chuma Lomdak, 3rd Apulu Palom.
Left-arm Wrestling: 1st Takiam Paron, 2nd Bamang Tasang.
Carrom: 1st Sosar Talin, 2nd Tanong Apang, 3rd Toko Tash.
Musical Chair (Boys): 1st Nagu Molo, 2nd Bikram Moran, 3rd Biku Tater.
Musical Chair (Girls): 1st Ipe Gibi, 2nd Bangsam Pao, 3rd Nosa Yobin.
Blind Hit (Girls): 1st Engel Diven, 2nd Aku Jamoh, 3rd Takam Yania.
Blind Hit (Boys): 1st Biku Tater, 2nd Jivan Gyadi, 3rd Nagu Molo.