Alumni resolve to restore GHSS’ glory

ITANAGAR, Sep 23: The alumni association of the government higher secondary school (GHSS) in Upper Subansiri HQ Daporijo said it would “work selflessly and contribute meaningfully to bring back the past glory” of their alma mater.
The alumni on Sunday discussed ways and means to address the various problems being faced by the school.
The association’s chairman, Dosh Dasi, informed that the school is in dire need of a postgraduate teacher each for physics, biology and geography, two PGTs for English, and two trained graduate teachers each for English, Hindi and physics-chemistry-mathematics (PCM).
“Presently, there are only six PGTs and an equal number of TGTs in the school. There is no PGT for English, biology, physics and geography and TGT for English, Hindi and PCM,” he said.
He said the school also needs at least three additional classrooms and separate toilets for the students of both sexes.
The school’s principal had earlier informed that there are four dilapidated classrooms in the school for 1781 students, with each classroom accommodating more than 400 students. The sitting arrangement for the students is done on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.
The alumni association said it would pursue the matter of teachers’ shortage with the state government and demand early posting of the required teachers. It said it would ask the district administration to engage teachers “on need-based under CMSY” and pay them honorariums. The association further said it would seek engaging qualified teachers from defunct schools at the GHSS.
The alumni will take up the need for classrooms, toilets, drinking water provisions, etc, in the school through voluntary contributions as well as fund from the CMSY.
“Any development work undertaken within the school campus should be brought to the notice of the school authority as well as the alumni association,” it said.
Former students, social worker Takir Kurdu and APSTS Station Superintendent Tutar Nima, made an on-the-spot contribution of Rs 25,000 each for the cause.
Earlier, addressing the meeting, RGU Assistant Professor David Gao shared his experience of how alumni can contribute to the their alma maters in meaningful ways. He spoke about how the alumni of the Ruksin, Sile and Bilat GHSS’ undertook renovation works in their former schools through voluntary contributions.
Daporijo MLA Tania Soki informed that a school building with 14 classrooms and an auditorium for the GHSS has already been sanctioned and the tender notification for the purpose floated.
Alumnus Komkar Dulom, who is presently serving as the RD director, informed the meeting about the initiative he had taken for the school while serving as the Upper Subansiri DC.
Additional Education Secretary Repo Ronya informed that posting of teachers at the school “is under process at government level,” and added that the alumni association could “act as a pressure group for overall development of the school.”
Ex-DVP Tachu Hina, SE Tadam Ligu, ex-MLA Larbi Nasi, PWD SE Dube Dulom, and Headmaster Take Lusi Sorum also addressed the meeting.