Apex Bank sets target for maximum banking services in remote areas

ITANAGAR, Oct 25: The Advisory Committee of the Arunachal Pradesh State Coop Apex Bank Ltd in its 34th meeting on Friday has set target for providing maximum banking services in the remote areas of the state.
The committee asked the branch managers of the bank to initiate the Financial Literacy Camp including participation in Sarkar Aapke Dwar programme and ‘achieve target of customer base to 4,67,511 in next 3 years which was the population of Arunachal Pradesh in 1978 when the 1st Apex Bank branch was established.
Endorsing the suggestions of Apex Bank administrator Habung Lampung to make all the bank officers and officials professional, the Advisory Committee also decided to make it mandatory to qualify the distance education course of CPCB Level-I (Certificate Professional in Cooperative Banking) from C-PEC, BIRD, Lucknow for promotion to the officers’grade.
Lampung, who chaired the meeting, informed that ‘this is the desperate attempt to
make available man power professional in the banking sector.
Accordingly, 44 officers/officials of the Apex Bank have enrolled for the course, including the administrator himself.
Committee has also asked to speed up the recovery drive with target and time line set for each branch manager.