Former HGB no more

AALO, Oct 29: Former head gaon burah (HGB) of Logum Jini and renowned philanthropist, Taken Pakam Lobom, passed away here in West Siang district on 26 October. He was 90.
His mortal remains were laid to rest at his native village, Logum Jini, on 28 October.
Lobom was in the first batch of the panchayati raj members of Arunachal, and was an expert in the traditional judicial arbitration or keba.
He had been felicitated by the then DC, SD Vaidya, and had received a certificate of appreciation in 2004 for his arbitrary skills and his role in ensuring peace and communal harmony during the communal tension that had broken out in West Siang.
In 1984, he was awarded a special GB certificate by the then DC, BCB Harati, in recognition of his long years of meritorious services as an HGB.
Lobom had also volunteered as one of the leaders of the Siang Valley Bachao Committee.
He was a prominent leader of the Aalo Bungo/AANAM Bango Welfare Society, and the founding president and chairman of the Lobom Welfare Society and the Pedong Kenbo Welfare Society, respectively. (DIPRO)