Deforestation causing water shortage: DC

KOLORIANG, Nov 30: If another world war occurs, it will be over water, warned Kurung Kumey Deputy Commissioner Kento Riba.
Attending a workshop on the Arunachal Pradesh Protection of Drinking Water Catchment Area Bill, 2019, organized by the PHE&WS department here on Friday, Riba pointed out deforestation activities as “one of the prime reasons for the decline in water availability.”
Stating that Arunachal is also witnessing a decline in forest cover and water sources, the DC requested all concerned, including GBs and former panchayat leaders, to make concerted efforts to preserve the existing forests and water catchment areas by taking up proper land management and afforestation activities.
EE Bamang Tad explained “the importance of recharging the groundwater sources, and how to preserve them.”
He urged the HoDs and former panchayat leaders to cooperate with the effort to conserve water enhancement areas and increase forest coverage.
All departmental heads, former panchayat members, and GBs attended the workshop. (DIPRO)