Sona calls for peaceful coexistence of all communities

Mechuka hosts TCS conference

MECHUKA, Dec 6: Peaceful coexistence is the basis of every civilized society, said Legislative Assembly Speaker PD Sona, addressing members of the Tagin community of Shi-Yomi district during the second conference of the Tagin Cultural Society (TCS) here on Friday.
“Civilization comes with one’s behaviour and not with what he owns,” Sona said, and urged the Tagin community to maintain harmony with other communities residing in the district.
“Personal issues should not be portrayed as communal ones, for it can disrupt the peaceful coexistence,” the speaker said, and suggested to the TCS to create awareness among its members to strengthen the age-old relations.
Commending the Tagins for coexisting peacefully with other communities and making contributions for ages, Sona, who is also the local MLA, advised them to get involved in economic activities in tourism and related fields to earn good incomes.
Citing the example of the homestays and lodges coming up in the district, particularly in Mechuka, the speaker advised them to take up such initiatives for self-sustenance.
Sona expressed appreciation for the TCS for conducting the conference in the district, and also requested the district’s other CBOs to “work towards social reforms.”
Deputy Commissioner Mito Dirchi said “this kind of conference helps in creating awareness among the people,” and suggested to the TCS to “work for the uplift of the society while creating awareness on social menace.”
Tourism Minister Nakap Nalo exhorted the Tagin community of Shi-Yomi to contribute in developmental activities in the district.
“Being citizens of the district, it is your sole responsibility to help in making the district a vibrant one,” he said.
Nalo said the main objective of the conference was to “foster peaceful coexistence and strengthen the age-old relationships of the Tagin community with other communities.”
TCS president Tabu Paktung and general secretary Lardik Kare echoed Nalo, and reiterated that the aim of holding the conference here was to strengthen relations with other communities.
The two urged the members of the Tagin community to “shoulder the responsibility to make the district more developed in the coming days.”
They also requested the state government to ensure early construction of the strategically and economically important Tato-Taliha, Mebigeku (Dumporijo)-Dulungmukh, and Siyum-Mechuka roads.
NCDS president Norbu Naksang and ABK protocol officer Aling Pinggam also spoke.
Earlier, the TCS’ Shi-Yomi district general secretary Penjor Rai and president Takar Kotin Mosu spoke about the Tagin community residing in the district, and also dwelt on the genealogy of many of the clans.
Among others, MLAs Nyato Rigia, Taniya Soki and Rode Bui were also present. (Speaker’s PR Cell)