School to be established to teach Nyishi language

SEPPA, Dec 28: A joint team of the Indigenous Faith and Cultural Society of Arunachal Pradesh (IFCSAP), the Donyi Polo Cultural and Charitable Trust (DPCCT), the Nyishi Indigenous Faith and Cultural Society (NIFCS), and the Central Nyedar Namlo on Friday visited Rang village near here in East Kameng district, where the team inspected the site for establishing a school exclusively for teaching the Nyishi language.
“The school, named Nyubu Nyagam Yarko (NNY), will be similar to the ancient Gurukul type of education system and will impart CBSE pattern education with joint venture of indigenous faith organisations and VKVs,” NNY SMC chairman Robin Hissang said in a press release.
The academic session of the school will start from 2020, he said.
“The school land is being donated by NIFCS president Pai Dawe,” informed Hissang.
The visiting team also held a meeting with the residents and GBs of Rang village regarding the establishment of the school.
Later, in a public meeting at the Donyi Jyalling Nyelle Namlo here, Dawe explained the functions of the DPCCT and its future activities.
“Establishment of a school for imparting indigenous knowledge system in East Kameng district, and Donyi Polo Khumko for believers of Donyi-Polosim will be taken this year,” he said.
DPCCT chairman Katung Wahge said the proposed school will help in developing the students’ personality.
Nyishi Elite Society vice-president Dr Tachi Taku also spoke.
Later, the school management committee for the proposed gurukul school was constituted.
On Saturday, DPCCT chairman Wahge inaugurated the Nyedar Namlo in Bameng.
Speaking on the occasion, he highlighted the importance of the indigenous knowledge system and one’s own religion.
The VKV’s prant sangathak, Rupeshji Mathur, advised the people to stay rooted to their own culture.
IFCSAP president Tajum Tassung advised the people to adopt a modern approach to preserve the indigenous religion and culture.
Dawe appealed to everyone to follow the teachings of Ane Donyi by reading the holy book, Nyetam.
Central Nyedar Namlo general secretary TT Tara also advised the believers to read the Nyetam and follow its teachings, “which have been drawn from various Nyishi priests’ knowledge, chanting, hymns, views, etc.”