Stop undermining elected representatives

Itanagar MLA Techi Kaso on Sunday alleged that he has not been included in the committee formed for the development of Itanagar under the Smart City project. Kaso, who is a third-time MLA, represents the JD (U) in the state assembly.
The allegation leveled by Kaso is very serious and the state government has to take serious note of it. In a democracy, the elected representatives are the voice of the people. They have better idea of the needs of the people.
The Smart City project was launched with the motive of improving living standards of people dwelling in urban towns and cities, and by excluding local MLA Techi Kaso from the committee, the authorities are not only undermining him but are also missing out the opportunity to understand the real needs of the capital citizens. As the elected representative of the Itanagar-Capital Complex, he has a better knowledge on the basic development issues concerning the people. The state government should immediately intervene in this case.
At present, the state group of IAS and IPS officers is lobbying hard and undermining the power of the elected representatives. These groups are behaving more like brokers than bureaucrats. They have a huge business interest. They also completely undermine the elected tribal MLAs of the state just because a few of them have direct link with powerful BJP leaders at the centre.
Chief Minister Pema Khandu, who is often alleged of pampering these IAS and IPS officers, should clamp down his authorities before it is too late. The bureaucrats should know their limits and stop undermining the elected representatives of the state.