Intra-operative blood transfusion performed in Namsai

[ Pisi Zauing ]
NAMSAI, Apr 9: The first ever intra-operative blood transfusion was carried out at the district hospital here on 8 April.
The transfusion was performed by a group of doctors on a 27-year-old patient from Chongkham who was admitted to the hospital
with blunt trauma he had sustained in a road accident.
The team of surgeons comprised Drs Hage Sunny, Millo Bakhang and Hage Nado. They had to transfuse two units of blood availed from Mother Blood Bank in Lohit HQ Tezu.
“The condition of the patient is stable and out of danger,” the MO said.
The accomplishment of the doctors is noteworthy against the backdrop of the lockdown in the district and the limitation of resources in the hospital.
Normally, most of the CHCs in the state refer such cases to hospitals in Assam, owing to absence of resources. Although there is no dearth of efficient doctors in Arunachal, the scarcity of blood banks makes it difficult to perform intra-operative blood transfusion.