Libang apprised of health workers’ requirements

ITANAGAR, Apr 20: Health Minister Alo Libang was apprised of the basic requirements of the staffs on duty at the entry gates by the health workers stationed at the Hollongi check gate, during his visit there on Monday.
Acknowledging the unremitting duty being done by the health workers, the minister assured to provide all basic requirements, such as N95 masks, gloves and sanitizers, besides other requirements.
“The health workers stationed at the check gates are the first to encounter people entering the state, and we cannot instantly rule out who is Covid-19 negative or positive; so their (health workers) safety is our priority,” said Libang.
Speaking to reporters, the minister informed that the department will provide the required materials to all the personnel, including the police and the magistrates who are on Covid-19 duty, particularly at the entry gates.
Responding to a query on vehicles from red zones entering Arunachal carrying essential items, the minister said the standard operating procedure would be maintained with regard to all vehicles entering the state.
“We will also create a mechanism to restrict vehicles that are coming from Covid-19 red-zone areas,” Libang said.