AAPSU lambasts nat’l media for misreporting, overreacting

ITANAGAR, Apr 21: The All Arunachal Pradesh Students’ Union (AAPSU) has condemned the manner in which some national media houses, like NDTV, and the National Students’ Union of India reported and reacted to a report on the killing of a king cobra and portrayed Arunachal and its people in bad light.
Reacting sharply to the reports, the AAPSU said, “They should not jump into conclusion without verifying the facts and try to vilify the state.”
“Where are they when so many important issues are happening in this part of the country?” the union questioned, and flayed the national media for showing lack of interest in reporting events and activities of the state and NE region.
“The cobra episode involving some villagers, which is trending in the national media, is purely a stray incident.
The news have been carried in various national media without verifying the fact and given a new connotation linking it with the Covid-19 pandemic,” AAPSU general secretary Tobom Dai said.
“The village committee of Pachin, they have categorically specified that the unfortunate killing of the king cobra happened as the reptile intruded into one of the village houses. The person claiming to have killed the snake in the viral video, in fact, had taken it from jungle where it was thrown away. The people involved in the viral video are ignorant village folk and know nothing about the Wildlife Act,” Dai said.
“Whatsoever, we should use the social media with responsibility and carefully. Regarding food habits, snake meat is not on our menu, as clarified by MLA Ninong Ering in one of his TV debates,” the AAPSU said.