Hand-wash stations set up in E/Kameng

Staff Reporter
ITANAGAR, Apr 25: The public health engineering & water supply (PHE&WS) department has installed two hand-wash stations, at the Lumdung and the Bana check gates, in East Kameng.
“Each hand-wash station has three combo facilities, such as water tap point, Dettol and sanitizer facility,” informed Seppa PHE&WS Executive Engineer Bharat Sonam.
He informed that the facilities have been arranged so that one need not touch them with one’s hand, as they are operated by foot.
“This has been done keeping in view the importance of hand-washing in Covid-19 pandemic. People from outside the district entering East Kameng shall have to go for mandatory hand-washing at the check gates before entering,” Sonam said.
He exuded hope that the officers and the police personnel manning the check gates
would instruct the passengers to wash their hands at the stations before approaching the officers and the police personnel on duty.
“This will keep on functioning even after the lifting of the lockdown because that point will be crucial for our district. The administration has asked us to be more vigilant after the lockdown, and we have suggested to the volunteers to focus on the check gates” the EE added.