CBOs demand establishment of inter-dist check gates, Covid-19 testing for frontline workers

[ Karyir Riba ]
ROING, Jun 17: The Idu Mishmi Cultural and Literary Society (IMCLS) and the Lower Dibang Valley (LDV) unit of Adi Bane Kebang have submitted a five-point joint representation to the LDV deputy commissioner, reiterating their demand for early establishment of check gates along the inter-district boundary with East Siang and Covid-19 testing for the frontline workers of the district.
They made the demands in view of the rising Covid-19 positive cases in the neighboring district, where two frontline workers also tested positive.
Earlier on June 5, the apex bodies had submitted a joint representation for precautionary measures to be implemented in the district, such as establishment of check gates at various inter-district boundaries, proper nasal as well as throat swab collection for testing, PPE for frontline workers etc.
The IMCLS and ABK along with student bodies AIMSU, AdiSU, DASU and DSU visited the inter-district boundary with East Siang at Dambuk (upto Sisiri bridge), Shantipur check gate and all the quarantine facilities to have firsthand information about the progress made on the previous joint representation submitted by them to the DA. During their visit, they also took stock of the accommodation facility, security and food being provided and served to the people observing quarantine in various facilities.
The CBOs reminded the DC that no check gate has been established at Dambuk side despite their earlier request to establish check gates along the inter-district boundaries at Sisiri bridge/Yapgo and Koronu villages.
They said that given the rise in Covid-19 cases in the neighboring district with two of their frontline workers testing positive for Covid-19, it is of utmost importance to establish check gates along the inter-district boundary with East Siang immediately to check and keep records of people and vehicular movement.
The team interacted with peoplestaying in various quarantine facilities and claimed that only throat swab samples are still being collected, whereas the CBOs had earlier pointed out that both oropharyngeal(throat) and naso pharyngeal (nasal) samples should be collected for accurate result and to maximize the test sensitivity.
The CBOs also requested the DA to felicitate testing of all the staffs deployed at the check gate as well as all the nodal officers and staffs deployed at various quarantine centers for Covid-19 at minimum 10 days interval.
They requested the DA to shift the quarantine facility at Intaya Public School situated in a thickly populated area to another place for safety of the people living in and around the school campus. Further, there is no boundary wall or fence around the building which is being used as quarantine facility.
The CBOs have also expressed concern over people from nearby Assam frequenting the petrol pumps in Arunachal to fill fuel.
Moreover, there are a lot of GoAP pensioners from Assam, who are not being allowed to enter the state for their official work. Because of the ban imposed on interstate movement coupled with suspension of issue of ILP, the people of this part of Assam are becoming agitated day by day, which may later culminate in law and order issue, they said.
The DC has been requested to talk with the Assam counterpart to solve the issue amicably as these two issues, if left unresolved, might send a wrong message to the people of Assam, which may create misunderstanding and problems in the days to come.
The representation also stated that the DA should regulate the return of the stranded people.
‘For the good of all especially, for the frontline warriors and administration, we request you to regulate the return of stranded people from outside the state. Let all the returnees be given a deadline to return within this month (exception may be given to people who are out on medical emergencies). Prolonging the return process will add more pressure on the frontline workers. Thereafter, only people having domicile in the district be allowed to return,’ stated the representation.