Webinar on Hindi language held

RONO HILLS, Jun 19: Teachers, Hindi officers, central government officers, researchers and students from all over the country participated in a webinar on ‘Official language Hindi: Technical terminology usage and prospects’, organized by the Hindi cell of Rajiv Gandhi University (RGU) from here on Friday.
After the opening remarks by RGU Hindi Officer Gumpi Nguso, Vice Chancellor, Prof Saket Kushwaha in his address said “there are needs for true practise of using language not only in speaking but also in writing. During this pandemic period, where our country is making policies to overcome the situation, we must emphasize on the practise of such online programme as a part of progress.”
Retired director of the home ministry’s Central Translation Bureau, Dr Shrinarayan Singh delivered a lecture on the “genesis of technical words, creation of new technical terminology, ‘adoptation and adaptation’ of technical terminology, importance of translation, connection of technical terminology, ‘official language Hindi’, and appropriate use of grammar,” and stressed on using correct and simple Hindi in the process of official works.
Home Affairs Ministry’s Senior Research Officer, Dr Satyendra Singh and RGU’s Hindi Department Assistant Professor, Dr Rajiv Ranjan Das were the experts for the two technical sessions.