APCC condemns GoAP over terminal exams

ITANAGAR, Jul 9: The Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) has condemned the state government “for not being able to protect the genuine demand of students for cancellation of terminal exams for the current academic year.”
With the state reeling under the Covid-19 crisis, educational institutions have come up with online classes, assignments, and evaluation activities. “However, it failed to properly disseminate knowledge, and students in remote areas were deprived of the teaching-learning process,” the APCC stated in a release.
It demanded to know if the state government had enough resources to bear the quarantine expenses of “thousands of students coming from within and outside the state for the terminal examinations.”
“Has the state government developed strategies and an action plan on how to conduct the terminal examinations other than anti-student UGC guideline?” it asked.
The APCC also sought clarification from the government as to why there is a hurry in conducting the examinations, “violating the lockdown guidelines and SOPs of its own government,” and risking the lives of teachers and students.
“How are the students expected to pay the exam fees, (and) travelling and quarantine expenses when Covid-19 has reeled the entire nation under economic crisis?” it said.
Many countries have taken student-friendly measures, such as postponement or cancellation of exams, but the Arunachal government “is hell bent on pleasing the confused government in New Delhi,” it said.