53 houses submerged in Namsai dist

NAMSAI, Jul 11: Around 35 houses in Rajabeel and 18 in Bihari-Tapu in Lekang circle of Namsai district have been severely affected by the incessant rain in the district.
The havoc created by the floodwaters of the Noa-Dehing and the Jengthu rivers has also severely affected low-lying areas like Rangalibeel, Silatoo, Balotra, Bhogamur, etc.
The residents have been shifted to safer locations.
The flood has also damaged the log bridge at the Upper Silatoo boulder spur in Deobeel, the flood protection embankment in Napotia village, and the bamboo structure constructed by the local community in Rangalibeel.
Rainwater and flashflood have also damaged paddy fields and other crops, besides vegetable gardens.
The Lekang EAC, along with the Namsai DDMO visited the affected areas for on-the-spot assessment, and distributed water bottles and tarpaulin sheets. They also interacted with the local leaders and assured them of all necessary help. (DIPRO)