BRO worker dies in landslide

KOLORIANG, Jul 27: In a tragic incident, one Bengia Sibi, who was working under the BRO/GREF here in Kurung Kumey district, was reportedly buried alive in a major landslide in the intervening night of 26 and 27 July.

Bengia Welfare Society (BWS) publicity secretary Bengia Kabnang informed in a release that

the incident occurred at around 1:10 am when a landslide triggered by incessant rains washed away a temporary staging tent in which Sibi was sleeping, and carried him down a gorge, causing his death.

“The BRO/GREF authorities could learn about the tragedy only in the morning when labourers started to gather for detailing. The location of the tragic incident is reported to be at 33 km camp in between Koloriang and Damin,” Kabnang said.

The deceased was a resident of Tayang village in Kurung Kumey district. He is survived by two wives, three sons and two daughters.

“He died in the line of duty while serving the nation with the GREF/BRO along the defence road in the borders,” the BWS said.