AACWA urges CS to recall office memorandum, allow floating of tender

ITANAGAR, Aug 7: The All Arunachal Contractor’s Welfare Association (AACWA) has urged the chief secretary to “recall the office memorandum No PD (SPD)-21/CCI/2019-20 (PT-I) 3283, dated 4 August, immediately and allow floating of tenders for execution of various developmental sanctioned schemes of both state and central governments.”

In a representation to the CS, the association on Friday referred to the memorandum and said that stopping floating of tenders in all departments till 31 October “is anti-development and illogical, when there is certain period of time fixed for completion of tender process of any works.”

“Tenders are regularly being floated in other states while Covid-19 is spreading in entire nation, not only in Arunachal,” the association claimed, and sought to know if the office memorandum was issued after the approval of the state cabinet.

Saying that the work season in the state starts from September, the association said that if the floating of tender starts from 31 October, “it will take up to January 2021 to complete the tender process, and it will not be possible to complete development works within 2-3 months before the end of the financial year for further release of development funds by the Centre.”