E/Siang DA lifts lockdown with conditions

PASIGHAT, Aug 7: The East Siang district administration issued an order on Friday, lifting the weeklong lockdown in the district.

The administration has also lifted the sealing of Bakin Pertin General Hospital and allowed functioning of OPD services with the condition that rapid antigen tests be conducted on the admitted patients and the healthcare workers.

These decisions were taken after consultations with stakeholders and a review of the Covid-19 situation in the district.

However, certain restrictions have been issued as a precaution, including complete lockdown in Pasighat township and its rural peripheries every Sunday. However, movement of essential services will be allowed.

The people have been asked to strictly observe the national directives on Covid-19 management.

The DA has prohibited gathering of any kind on the riverside, and directed that voluntary rapid antigen test centres be set up at PHCs and CHCs and locations like Raneghat, the main market area, in between Sille and 2 Mile, etc.

It appealed to the people of the district to get tested at the voluntary test centres.

“The people should minimize social and official visits, practice social distancing, and abide by all government directives on Covid-19 management,” the administration added.

DC holds consultative meeting

In the afternoon, DC Kinny Singh held a virtual consultative meeting with MLAs, representatives of NGOs, CBOs, student bodies, and others, to discuss the Covid-19 situation in the district.

The DC informed that the administration is focusing on ramping up tests by setting up more testing centres at various points.

“Till date, the district has 43 active Covid-19 cases, and all have been put under isolation,” Singh informed.

DMO Dr Kaling Dai presented a brief on the present Covid-19 status.

MLAs Ninong Ering and Kaling Moyong also spoke. (DIPRO)