World Tribal Day observed

AALO, Aug 10: World Tribal Day was observed with cheer and enthusiasm here in West Siang district on 9 August.

Senior citizens of Aalo town and people representing various groups, dressed in traditional attires, congregated to observe the day, despite the ‘self-lockdown’ on account of the ritual performed here earlier.

Speaking on the occasion, Aalo Town People’s Welfare and Development Society advisor Doi Ado and its chairman Kento Ete described the occasion as a day to cherish “and a proud moment for all tribal societies to offer our tributes to our forefathers who have handed down to us a religion, culture, belief and practices to carve out a distinct identity for us.”

“The onus now lies on us to propagate, promote and keep those age-old practices intact for posterity,” they said. (DIPRO)