Training in oilseed prodn imparted

TAFRALIANG, Aug 24: Thirty-three farmers, farmwomen and rural youths participated in a training programme on oilseed production, organized here by the Anjaw KVK on Monday.

During the programme, agronomy specialist Khoisnam Naveen stressed the importance and uses of different oilseed crops. He spoke on the critical aspects of toria oilseed cultivation for higher production and productivity, and the importance of soil testing for evaluating available soil nutrients.

KVK Head Dr Manish Kanwat and horticulture expert Rebecca Eko also spoke.

Later, the participants were taken on a visit to SHG Brumai’s hybrid maize variety Bio-9637 field in Tafraliang village. The main aim of the programme was to showcase the success of the hybrid maize variety Bio-9637.