GPF seeks action over ‘DJ nite’ event

ITANAGAR, Sep 7: The Galo People’s Federation (GPF) on Monday urged the chief secretary to initiate action against the West Siang district administration and the persons involved in organizing a birthday party and a ‘DJ/cultural nite’ on 26 and 29 August at Cozy Bar and Humgo Rigo resort, respectively, in West Siang HQ Aalo, “deliberately disobeying the SOPs of Covid-19.”

Stating that the West Siang DA failed to tackle the spread of Covid-19 in the district, the GPF said that “a PIL was filed by social activist Reken Ingo to shift the Covid-19 screening check gate from Piyi area to Gabu area, which is the actual entry point. However, the DA reportedly did not initiate action to shift the screening gate even after the high court had directed the deputy commissioner to take necessary action.”

It also claimed that some restaurants and bars in and around Aalo town were open and functioning during the lockdown period as well, “but the DA is said to have no idea at all of such happenings, which amply reflects the ineffectiveness of the district police as well as the magistrate on duty, which is controlled by the district magistrate.”

Regarding the ‘DJ/cultural nite’ held on 29 August at Humgo Rigo resort, the GPF claimed in social media updates that “some responsible government employees too had attended the DJ/cultural nite at Humgo Rigo resort, including the Kamba/Darak block circle officer.”

“More than 60 people have tested Covid positive after massive RAT/antigen tests carried out by the district’s health department in the past three to four days, and it is highly probable that many more positive cases might come up in the days to come as the primary and secondary contact-tracing of the attendants of the DJ/cultural nite and from Cozy bar/restaurant is underway,” it said.

The GPF also questioned the DC’s claim of having “zero knowledge” about “these illegal activities” under his administrative jurisdiction.

It claimed that the DC in an interview had said that some returnees had deliberately skipped entering Aalo town via the Piyi screening check gate and entered the town via Paya village.

“If he (DC) can presume that returnees are entering Aalo from the Patum-Pessing road via Paya village, why is he reluctant to relocate the screening point?” the GPF said.

Saying that the West Siang DA is not competent enough to contain the spread of Covid-19, the GPF requested the chief secretary to initiate necessary action against the DA by constituting a high-level inquiry committee, headed by an officer not below the rank of secretary or a retired high court judge, to unearth the facts. It urged the government to place the West Siang DC and the SP under suspension till the inquiry is completed.

Additionally, the GPF requested the chief secretary to initiate stringent action against government employees indulging in such activities, and against the DJ night organizer and the owners of Cozy Bar and Humgo Rigo resort under relevant provisions of the Disaster Management Act, 2005, and other relevant provisions of the law.