Teachers urged to be role models

ITANAGAR, Oct 8: Educationist Dr VN Sharma appealed to teachers to be role models, “not only in imparting education to the students, rather to the society.”

He was addressing an orientation programme for teachers conducted at Delhi Public School here on Thursday.

Dr Sharma also advised the students to refrain from unethical things, such as consuming alcohol and drugs.

“The teaching of values and character is the very basic thing of education. Thus, the emphasis should be towards the teaching of values rather than just imparting knowledge,” said Dr Sharma.

“Only a passionate teacher will be able to unfold the gifts and potentialities of the students,” he added.

Former minister Takam Pario, who also attended the programme, said that “the classroom is like a miniature community where the impact of the state’s education policy and social inequity converge.”

“The children of today are the leaders of tomorrow, and teachers are at that critical point which makes a child ready for their future,” said Pario.