Lorr residents demand inquiry into arson attack

Staff Reporter

ITANAGAR, Oct 30: The residents of Lorr village near here have sought a judicial inquiry into the gun-firing and arson attack on the house of one Tame Takiang in the village on 16 October.

Addressing reporters at the press club here on Friday, Lorr Village Development Committee secretary Giogi Paih said that the villagers are living in constant fear and “seek the arrest of the people involved in the attack.”

Paih said the villagers are demanding that the police and the district administration provide details of those who have been arrested and the number of firearms seized.

He condemned the attack and termed it a “pre-planned and criminal act by vested-interested people.”

All Lorr Bath Youth Association president Giogi Tagi claimed that they have found “a clue on social media,” indicating that “someone had called a gathering at around 3:35 pm on 16 October after an altercation broke out between Tame Takiang and one Techi Nyajung on the same morning, after which the gun-firing and arson took place at Takiang’s residence in Lorr village, at around 7:30 pm.”

Claiming that only two people have been arrested in relation to the case, Tagi said that there has been no real progress in the case.

He reiterated that the police arrest all those involved in the attack and initiate inquiry against those found responsible for igniting tension and provoking a mob into resorting to such an attack.

On 16 October, a mob set fire to the SPT house of Takiang in Lorr village near the zoo area here, and fired several rounds of gunshots in the air when the house owners were away.