Scenic beauty of Namsai

[ C I Mannou ]

Namsai, a sleepy town on the bank of rivers, is surrounded by trees with the enchanting valley of Sandbar. The air of the town is filled with the smell of temple incense and sound of morning recitation of Buddhist Chants. It is a sacred place where people perform sacred rituals each day for good fortune for the generation. It is also a place of cultural heritage exposing hidden talents of the youths of the area in different fields by promoting a sense of brotherhood and harmony.

However, the once picturesque Namsai town is now becoming a pale shadow of the past. The open fields, wetlands, greeneries etc have all shrunken under the weight of the increasing population. People are now facing problems of garbage pollution and drainage system, causing artificial flood in the town.

It is seen that people of Namsai usually throw garbage into nearby drains and this chokes the drains, causing the artificial floods.

The residents, therefore, should stop dumping garbage into the drains and rivers as it is also against the Swachh Bharat Mission. People should avail the opportunity to shift their garbage through the garbage collection vehicles as provided by the government for a disease-free and pollution-free environment of Namsai town.

As for me, I have full faith that the future belongs to us as we believe in the beauty of our dreams, like a bird sitting on the tree has no fear for falling, not because the branches are solid but because it has a full faith in its wings. (The contributor is a retired principal of GHSS, Tezu).