Governor interacts with students, says abide by fundamental duties

ITANAGAR, 19 Jan: Governor BD Mishra interacted with students and teachers of Amity International School, Viraj Khand, Lucknow, through a virtual conference from the Raj Bhavan here.

Continuing his endeavour to reach out to the students and youths, the governor shared his experience as an army officer, commander of the counter hijack force of the National Security Guard (NSG) and as the governor of the state.

He described Arunachal as a beautiful place, which receives the first rays of the sun in the country.

“It is a mosaic of different tribes, cultures and traditions, inhabited by simple, nice and industrious people,” he said.

He advised the students and the youths to read the fundamental duties as enshrined in the constitution of India and abide by it.

“Today’s youth have the ability, inclination and will to abide by the social and legal norms to become progressive citizens of India,” the governor said.

He exhorted the participants to join the Indian armed forces and said that “it is the most important job where one can render the best service, that is defend the unity and integrity of the nation.” (Raj Bhavan)