Forum seeks eviction of encroachers

ITANAGAR, 22 Jan: Claiming that the dropping zone in Chambang town in Kra Daadi district has been encroached by miscreants, the All Chambang Area Youth Forum (ACAYF) has urged the district administration and the local MLA to carry out an eviction drive to restore the land.

The ACAYF stated that illegal settlement of residents within the dropping zone radius is not only creating obstruction against air sorties but would also endanger the residents when air sorties are carried out in the future.

The forum also submitted a representation to the local MLA in this regard.

┬áIt requested the district administration to “clarify on the status of the encroached land of staff area under Chambang town.”

The forum also sought clarification on the boundary of the government secondary school in Chambang, which it claimed has also been encroached by residents.