Finish early or hand over MV road to central agency, Yobin society demands

ITANAGAR, 4 Feb: The Yobin Welfare Society (YWS) has written to the RWD minister, stating that the RWD either provide basic road connectivity between Miao and Vijaynagar circle in Changlang district or hand over its construction to a central agency.

“The Miao-Vijaynagar (MV) road construction work should be handed over to GREF/BRO-like road organizations if the RWD doubts its own efficiency to provide road connectivity in the area within a stipulated time,” the society said in a letter to RWD Minister Honchun Ngandam.

The YWS stated that it is deeply disturbed by the slow progress of the work on the MV road under the RWD.

“The executing agency and the firms responsible for the execution of the construction work are really not enthusiastic to meet the targeted time stipulation,” it said.

The basic construction work on the road was completed nine years ago but the groundwork progress is still below 20 percent as of January 2021, it said.

The YWS demanded that the job of non-performing firms and employees be terminated or action initiated against them for deliberately delaying the project.

It further urged the state government to provide sufficient funds, including gap funding incentives, “to culminate the road construction work within a considerably short span of duration.”

“The initial road construction work can be recalled from 1974, when a foundation stone was laid at Miao by the then lieutenant governor of the state, and the second foundation stone for the same road was placed in 2012 at the same place. Approximately 56 years have been swallowed to complete only the actual 20 percent share of construction work,” the YWS said.

It further said that Governor BD Mishra had assured the citizens that road connectivity would be provided by the end of March 2021, “which ignited a ray of hope for the locality, and subsequently the government of Arunachal Pradesh had also assured the villagers of the same on various social media platforms.”

It informed that the society has been pursuing the matter at various levels, including at the Centre, and that the state government has provided an ATR where the work on the MV road has been categorically depicted as addressed.

“We are astonished and taken aback to see this,” it said.

Despite various appeals and representations placed before the state government, no active action on the ground has been accomplished, it added.